Training for the Apocalypse

Poor Boonie has not had a proper run since last Tuesday. A few games in the house, walks around the neighborhood, but I simply haven’t had the time for anything more than that.

Sunday I couldn’t take her because I was training for the apocalypse. I can’t make fire yet, but I’m close. And I can make a kickin’ debris shelter. I wanna sign up for traps and snares next. Or make-your-own bow and arrows class.


But that was just one day of fun. The rest of the time I’ve been trying to cope with miniature disasters at work. I’m not sure what deity I offended, or where the mirror I broke is hiding, but I did something to royally piss off someone upstairs. In the past week I’ve had to deal with lost emails and missed deadlines, smashed doors on borrowed vans, car break-ins, and a 1500 piece mailing that now can’t go out at all because the law changed recently.

Actually, maybe 1500 is just an unlucky number for me. This Saturday, we discovered that we’d accidentally booked the same route and date and time as an MS ride with 1500 participants. Making the windy Hwy 1 roads really, really NOT fun to drive a SAG wagon on.
Bike riderEveryone had fun, though, regardless of the crowds and the 100 degree heat and the grueling hills. See?

This was snapped at the very end of the day, after this dude had ridden nearly 80 miles. And he’s still smiling! So I guess it was a success after all. And I’m sure I’ll be convinced of that when I can take a second to breathe and reflect. So sometime in December.

I think I’m a survivor. I’m reasonably sure of it. I can fight dirty if I have to, and while I may not have a wealth of skills to pull on come judgement day, I’ve got a few, and I’m gaining more all the time. Plus, I can innovate. I’ll be just fine.

In the meantime, can someone please come up with a survival class for mini, urban disasters? A way to minimize the impact of all the thousand things that can go wrong, and a way to preserve your brain when Murphy screws you and they do all go wrong? That’s a workshop I would be happy to pay for.

Aw. Boonie is sleeping next to me, and her dream feet are running up my arm. Okay, cuteness for the save. Thank god for dogs.

Also, they make for good eating when the food runs out, after the solar flares have caused massive chaos and the grocery trucks aren’t running anymore.

M and dogs at Stern grove
Sizing up the heads for the stew pot.


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