I sit writing this in a pavilion on a pond, the mist wafting up from the water as the sun threatens to rise behind me. Peacocks are calling, bullfrogs are letting me know they're around, mosquitos are.... I sit writing this from my comfortable room overlooking said pavilion. I spent last night with the ISKCON... Continue Reading →

Hurry up and slow down

A road sign pointed the way to America this morning; naturally, I followed where it pointed. It led me through towering Illinois cornfields, and past a few houses, some very well decorated, to a dead end. "I missed America," I said. "Well, that metaphor sucks." Let's back up a couple of days. I had the... Continue Reading →

American Gods Shrine

The winner of my Kickstarter giveaway requested a shrine be placed near House on the Rock, and I was in full agreement. I started scanning the countryside an hour away, and while I'd seen a few possibilities, I was a bit worried. Farms came right up to the road; finding a spot where it wouldn't... Continue Reading →

How I ride

A lot of these rules have been getting bent as I race towards interviews, but here's my platonic ideal of travel. Greet every animal. They at least get a "Hi, deer!" Sometimes I go full on Marky Mark Talks to Animals on them. "Hey, bear! How's it going? Your fur's looking great today. Say hi... Continue Reading →

Storm’s Edge

I've taken this photo a dozen times in the last three days... I'm starting to think someone's trying to tell me something. Every time I pause, the storm catches up with me. Every time I think I outrun it, my road curves left and there it is waiting for me. Today, faced with a relatively... Continue Reading →


I have three separate blog posts at some level of composition, and I can't finish any of them. My head is too muddied, my nerves too jangling. And I think I just decided to abandon this beautiful little town and drive into the dark a bit... Tonight, it's because I flubbed an interview setup. Thought... Continue Reading →

Fountain Shrine

I've been burning through the western states, a little concerned that I still had all my shrines in the back of the car... Surely one of them belonged out here? Why wasn't anything calling to me? Yesterday morning, that all changed. Early in the morning, I was taking the interstate into a little town I... Continue Reading →


As I opened my car door -- after a long drive up narrow gravel roads, nary another car in sight -- the sound of a woman's scream cut through the air. Or a peacock. Okay, definitely a peacock. Still, it was a good way to kick off this adventure. I was at Mammoth Cave, near... Continue Reading →


I interviewed a former senator yesterday. He was delightful, and amazing, and utterly certain that things are broken and there's no fixing them. Even when I pushed - "Okay, but what if you had unlimited energy and could do anything? What if you could magically change something - what would you change to make us... Continue Reading →

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