So very, very tired… Between planning a bike event this weekend, a board meeting and development committee meeting this week, four grant deadlines, a mass mailing, a minor mailing, and 990 filing prep, I’m stretched so freaking thin you can see through me. I’m terrified I’m going to drop one of the bazillion balls I have up in the air.

The worst thing is that when I wake up at 6:30, after having gotten home late and in bed even later, my mind immediately goes to listing what I need to do today, and it’s physically impossible to get back to sleep. Yesterday I tricked it by watching Ponyo. Severance did the trick, the day before that. Today I’m not even going to try. Just a quick blog post, then I’ll be off to the packaging store for mailing supplies, Sports Basement to drop off a Regatta flyer and pick up energy bars for the ride, and then on in to work. Unless, of course, I hear from the embroiderers, then I should stop by there and pick up the schwag, and that’s right by the commercial mail post office…

In the interest of sanity, here’s a picture of my upside down dog:

upside down dog

Also in the interest of sanity, I’m going to go finish watching Severance now. This may be a new comfort movie. Don’t judge me.


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