I don't believe in New Year's Eve. The year is ending. It's a wind-down, not a party. I do believe in New Year's Day, and tomorrow is going to be fabulous. I'm creating a fort around my already massive bed. I'm re-organizing my sweater drawer and storage space, I'll be writing, and I think I'll... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Boonie says Merry Christmas. We had a nice day yesterday, and a nice drink with the sisters, and are looking forward to a wonderful dinner and romp with Buster this afternoon. I forgot to take pictures of most of my crafts this year, but I did snap a pic of the embroidery I did for... Continue Reading →

Nowhere, no mind

I've got nothing. Very little energy, and nothing to write about. Rather than try to force something out, which would feel a bit like sticking my finger down my throat and wiggling it right now, I'll just leave you with a beautiful sunrise over the Oakland cranes.

Pickin’ it back up…

Right, November stank. Sorry NaNoWriMo, even your gloriousness (and you are glorious) could not improve the month. 12 hour days at work were the norm. Friends got broken, hit by cars, diagnosed with awfulness. Hospital visits were plentiful. Today's a brand new day. Okay, actually yesterday was, but I was too busy yesterday to post.... Continue Reading →

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