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March 6, 2010

I had a nice, shiny new post, published the day before yesterday. Except it didn’t publish. Despite it telling me, “Published!” it’s still sitting there in drafts, and my page looks the same. No matter how many times I click publish, it keeps going back into drafts.

It’s defeated me. I’m off to our board retreat. Which, for staff, is less of a retreat and more of a charge forward. So more exhaustion. Tally f’ing ho.

Edit: Oh, sure NOW it publishes. When I get on start to rant, and look like a crazy person. Sheesh. It wasn’t there two seconds ago, I swear. Eh, I have no energy to care.

Staring at a blue screen

March 6, 2010

Good lord, I’m tired.

Leaving work at 3 today helped, but I’ve just got a backlog of exhaustion stored up. I’ve been working weekends, 12-hour days, all while chasing after, in a writerly fashion, the almighty buck. It’s glorious to be paid to write. It’s also bloody awful.

Last night I collapsed on my bed after driving 3 hours through the pouring rain, returning from a conference in Sacramento. Fully dressed, I passed out and missed my sister-in-law’s cd release party. I had the most wonderful dream…

And as much as I want to write it out, I know there is nothing more painful in the world than being forced to listen to someone else’s dreams. Suffice it to say that my family bought a pirate ship. A haunted one. There were rituals involving candles and ears from the long-deceased, and a detour (looking for a restroom – I had to pee) up a side road in San Francisco that sent the ship plunging into a row of painted ladies. We were trying to parallel park alongside Dolores Park.


Actually, I have no anyway. I just wanted to trick someone into listening to my dream. It was soooo awesome. Now, after an hour-long bath and a full night’s sleep, I’m feeling the need to do some of my own writing, the type that does not bring in the bucks at all. So adios; trolls and bridges await my ham-handed touch.