Storm’s Edge

I've taken this photo a dozen times in the last three days... I'm starting to think someone's trying to tell me something. Every time I pause, the storm catches up with me. Every time I think I outrun it, my road curves left and there it is waiting for me. Today, faced with a relatively... Continue Reading →


I interviewed a former senator yesterday. He was delightful, and amazing, and utterly certain that things are broken and there's no fixing them. Even when I pushed - "Okay, but what if you had unlimited energy and could do anything? What if you could magically change something - what would you change to make us... Continue Reading →

Trust No One

I'm in the middle of a massive crafting project, and as a result, I'm re-watching all of the X-Files on Amazon Prime. As one does. I'm approaching season 3 now, and I've finally realized where that nagging "this is ridiculous" thought in the back of my head is coming from. At the end of season... Continue Reading →


I consider myself to be pretty optimistic. Downright chipper, in general. Small and strange things amuse me vastly, I find beauty in the strangest places, and it all makes me happy. So this post might come as something of a shocker. Part of the reason I never want kids is because I really, truly believe... Continue Reading →

Strike! Strike!

This is terrifying. When things got bad for workers in the past, we unionized. Labor conditions changed, and things got better. Now, as inequalities are growing and the fatcats are getting fatter, what are we going to do? Unions have been gutted. Even if they weren't growing more powerless, American people have been trained to... Continue Reading →

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