Happy at home

Nate Concentrating, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. There is absolutely nothing like flannel pj's, coffee, and a warm dog. That's how I feel this morning, anyway. Last night the pj's were the only thing keeping me warm, since the stupid dog peed on my comforter, and there wasn't enough coffee in the world to keep my... Continue Reading →

In a state of terror and excitement

Oh my gosh. I clicked send. I have officially tendered my official notice to my landlord. And tomorrow, I officially sign a lease on a new San Francisco apartment. I'm happy. Really. Okay, no I'm not. But I will be tomorrow, I swear! Once I sign the lease and make that jump, I'll be just... Continue Reading →

Pinned to the mantle

My Yarnagogo sister came to me looking for my childhood "There's no Santa?" moment while she was writing her post over at Book Club Girl, and it kinda threw me for a bit. I gave her a short answer, but after reading hers and wiping a few tears away, I had to strain my pathetic... Continue Reading →

All through SF

Journey to the End of the Night: a citywide game of tag, essentially. Last month, Journey decided to coincide with Halloween. What a perfect, perfect combination. Like lime juice and vodka. I was running late, coming from an early party on the peninsula. I was sure I'd get there far too late to take part,... Continue Reading →

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