It’s Friday…

... I ain't got shit to do... guess I'll post something! Except it's past midnight, so I guess it's technically Saturday. And I just stopped stuffing envelopes for my job ("Make a Ripple - Make a Difference" - y'all should come, June 10th!), so I guess technically I do have shit to do. And a... Continue Reading →

Out on a photo walk

I still remember most of the lessons my dad and my first photography teacher drilled into me. Rule of thirds, golden hour, fill the frame... and most importantly, COMPOSE! Don't just snap. This was from back in the good ol' days of expensive film and hours spent crouched over in the darkroom. After the advent... Continue Reading →

An Oaklandish response to SFist

What's Your Excuse for not visiting your pals in Oakland? - I have no car. Dang. Too bad public transit is disdained by all other cities of the world. I don't blame them; the urine smells on Muni can get something fierce. But I mean, if there was a ferry, rail, or bus to get... Continue Reading →

In a lonely graveyard

I was walking through Mountain View cemetery yesterday, wishing there was some kind of camera that I could use to take a snapshot of a sound. Oh. Wait. I guess a voice recorder does that. Okay, I wish that I had quick and easy access to it, like the phone on my camera. Oh. Wait.... Continue Reading →

Ex-cuuse me, hip knitters?

Okay, the prosecco is kicking in. I felt bubbly and happy, and I was cruising through Twist Collective's new issue, drooling over several patterns (Timpani, I'm coming for you, I swear). Then I ran into this. Are they serious? There's no tongue-in-cheek thing going on here? I know Twist is not Bust or anything, but... Continue Reading →

Party Down

I'm celebrating today. I cracked open some prosecco, and I'm celebrating. I don't actually have much to celebrate; I was monumentally lazy today, doing none of the fun ditching work things I planned, missing the St. Stupid's Day Parade, and, even more heartbreaking, the "bring a can, get in free" day at ACT that I... Continue Reading →

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