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Pin-up Boys

April 7, 2012

It’s happening. I am going to publish a pin-up boys magazine: Boys & Wheels. Spinning wheels, that is. Beautiful men, posed seductively next to sexy spinning wheels.

The whole idea came from a Dark Roasted Blend post, Girls & Trucks. Also loosely inspired by this flickr set that I loved from first sight, and by my long-standing desire to get a male version of Freight Train Jane tattooed on my back (and hey, if any artists out there can make that happen, text me). Yes, I really, really want to objectify men, and I think this is a lovely way to do it.

It was the absurdity and contrast of that Girls & Trucks set that really got me thinking. I couldn’t come up with a really good, massive, female item to take the place of the truck… but the thought of a manly, shirtless dude in work boots standing in a provocative pose next to an Ashford wheel made me snort the loudest.

As I thought more about it, I decided I really, really wanted that photo, and more. Since no one else was likely to make that calendar, I decided it was up to me. So this is a selfish project; if anyone else wants one, cool, but really, this is for my bedroom. Just as all the best things are.

But I need your help. I’ll kickstarter this when things get going, to see if anyone else wants that calendar in THEIR bedroom, but first I need the models. I’m sure I can get the wheels (although if anyone has access to a mega-industrial loom or knitting machine, hit me up), but while I do have enough handsome male friends to fill a calendar, I think maybe two of them would be willing. I can resort to bribes and threats (I have some good tidbits of knowledge they wouldn’t like being revealed) but I’d rather have happy and willing models.

Are you a gentleman confident enough in your own skin to be my pin-up boy? Is your brother/father/lover said gentleman? Can you bribe and threaten them to help me out? (It’s okay if it’s not me doing the threatening.) Dudes must be within a 100 mile range of San Francisco. Also, even though it’s called Boys & Wheels, I prefer older gentlemen (like 25 and up. Or 22, you know, if he’s really mature). I’m going to be taking these pictures, and I don’t want to feel like a dirty old lady.

Help me make it happen! bethanyherron at hotmail dot com.


Seriously, can't you see a gentleman in perfectly pressed slacks stretched out on the grass languorously, the shadow of the wheel falling on his perfect six-pack? Photo from knittsings

Three months, in a nutshell.

April 6, 2012

Wow, January was really the last time I posted? I’m not totally surprised.

Since then, I

– moved,

– had my car stolen,

– recovered the car,

– submitted 14 grant proposals, including a monster of a national gov’t one,

– drove to Tucson to visit family,

– planned and implemented a girls weekend retreat redefining beauty,

– closed out the year for the Board I serve as treasurer on,

– (the Board is actually for a writing organization, though you’d never know from that sadly final preposition)

– spent a cumulative total of 13 hours with a certain, monolithic, to-remain-unnamed phone company that left me Angry, Trembling, & Ticked-off,

– switched to Sonic, a little local company, and have been blissful since then,

– bumped into Al Pacino on the red carpet at the Castro Theatre,

– and a few more awesome and totally-not-awesome things.

It’s been a busy few months. The one thing I have NOT been doing is writing. That ain’t good. I consoled myself with the fact that I had a few stories on submission, but the first of them came back with a decline today. I need to get back to it. Like, now. No time like the present. Therefore, it’s back to the blog.

Expect a good few rants coming up next; I’ve been saving ’em up.