Not totally in the mood for love

Late last year, I was coerced seduced invited to become a volunteer Board member for my local Romance Writers of America chapter. It was a pretty doggone good choice; SFA-RWA is a staggeringly fantastic group of strong women writers that I'm thrilled to be a part of. Though I'm a genre-jumper at heart (and will... Continue Reading →

Strike! Strike!

This is terrifying. When things got bad for workers in the past, we unionized. Labor conditions changed, and things got better. Now, as inequalities are growing and the fatcats are getting fatter, what are we going to do? Unions have been gutted. Even if they weren't growing more powerless, American people have been trained to... Continue Reading →

I still live here

Blogging serves a very specific purpose for me. It's my kickstart. Actually, it's more like the running-pushing-a-VW-with-a-dead-ignition-switch-then-popping-the-clutch-start. It's my way of avoiding the fear of the blank page. Before I moved it online, I had a document titled Writing Journal, and I'd open it at the same time I opened any WIP. Because here, it... Continue Reading →

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