Et wah la

After a little googling, I've determined that there was a serious lack in the interwebs. As far as I can tell, no one was actually compiling some of the fabulous and ridiculous translation fails from voice recognition programs. Et wah la. VRPoetry was born. Someone had to do it. So send me your best Google... Continue Reading →

Speech Recognition Poetry Slam

Hey, it's me. I'm calling so late. I think, parts. I guess, i'll just keep an eye. And But I can't remember what happens when your Daddy to do. Gimme moves. I think it's better ad. Well, stupid, and okay. Hope you're doing. I'll grab a Mike that next recall right. Talk to you? Bye... Continue Reading →


According to Google Voice, what I said to my sister: "I know, it's that to me, just calling to see if you wanted to do drugs before I head off to work. I'm going to right. Give me a call if you're around in the book hi." What I actually said was much less interesting.... Continue Reading →


I had the best of intentions tonight. It was a stunningly sunny day, with the fog just over the next hill blowing a cool breeze into me as I reclined on top of the ferry on my way home. Inspiring. But then I got home, and the dogs needed walking, and then I was stinky... Continue Reading →


So now I'm not writing at all, I'm looking at Garfield minus Garfield. An excellent way to not write.

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