Halloween Proper

I'm going to work backwards. Tonight, I went to an awesome party with amazing costumes (including an Athena and a picnic table), but I had to cut it short because I was ravaged from the rest of my weekend. Before that, I finally managed to carve my pumpkins while watching the Giants whup some tail.... Continue Reading →

A treatise on trick or treats

This month has been rough. Work has been a bit overwhelming, but I can generally handle that. What bothers me is that it is eating into my much loved early fall season, and my valuable pre-Holiday season. And by Holiday, I mean Halloween. As everyone should. Seriously. I know everyone has a different favorite holiday,... Continue Reading →

Happier at home

*sung to the tune of whatever's in your head* Days Off! I have two beautiful days off! It's been sooooo long! Now what shall I do..... *end joyful singing* Of course, I have 3 weeks worth of personal life that has been piling up that I should probably deal with. Laundry. A long doggy hike.... Continue Reading →

Happy at home

Nate Concentrating, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. There is absolutely nothing like flannel pj's, coffee, and a warm dog. That's how I feel this morning, anyway. Last night the pj's were the only thing keeping me warm, since the stupid dog peed on my comforter, and there wasn't enough coffee in the world to keep my... Continue Reading →

Lost on the interwebs

Woke up at 3:30. Tried in vain to distract my brain from work lists and jump back into dreamland for half an hour. Then I gave up. Thank you, StumbleUpon, for saving my brain, if not for granting me sleep. Now it's 6:30. Late enough to head into work and get cranking. One more day... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the heat

Oh man, am I jealous. Sister Rachael is gallivanting about NY and staying in the cutest hotel ever. I have not traveled in so, so long. In fact, I keep doing things that are pretty much the opposite of traveling. Sinking roots deep into the ground. Signing long-term leases. Buying fancy beds. Purchasing a niche.... Continue Reading →

Nope, no energy yet

It's not even 4 in the afternoon, and my eyelids are drifting shut. After a wonderful RWA meeting in the morning, I grabbed a quick bite, picked up my buddy, and went furniture shopping. Three stops, one delivery, and two bridge crossings later, I'm back at home, but my mind can't rest. I think I'm... Continue Reading →

In the Park

Patti Smith 6, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. I wanted to write a nice, long, happy post. That's not going to happen. The calm that I found this weekend has dissipated, within hours of getting to work. What I need is a flipping vacation. And a valium. Until then, please appreciate this photo of the super-awesome... Continue Reading →

On the field. Any field.

"Sport," unless it was used in a wry, british way, was pretty much a bad word in the house I grew up in. We were slightly roly-poly bookworms, and while swimming and walking around the lake were seen as sensible forms of exercise, jogging was looked at with suspicion, and organized sports just outright flummoxed... Continue Reading →

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