In a rainy french town…

I'm not a big opera fan. I keep thinking something will click, so I keep trying, but try as I might, I can never get past the silliness of singing every single little line of dialogue. "How are you today, fa la la la la?" "Fine sir, and you, la la la la la?" And... Continue Reading →

Anywhere and Everywhere

visited 48 states (96%) Create your own visited map of The United States This makes me happy. And sad. Alaska and Louisiana, I'm coming for you. Thanks PBR for reminding me of this!

In a shady neighborhood

I live in a neighborhood that has, by all appearances, been steadily improving for the last big handful of years. There's a higher concentration of families and baby strollers, equally matched by happy artsy hipsters riding their bikes to the farmer's market up the street. I've been here for the past few years, but I... Continue Reading →

A Spring Day at Albany

downsized_0430001030.jpg, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. God, I love the bulb. I need to always have a camera when I go there, instead of just this wee camera phone.

A completely fictional… ah, forget it.

Dude, I could be funny here. If the internets weren't so goshdarned... public, I could be hella funny. I could let loose with a string of ridiculous parodies that would make your head spin. Except... the public thing. What happens on the internet does not in fact stay on the internet. Or it does, but... Continue Reading →

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