Training for the Apocalypse

Poor Boonie has not had a proper run since last Tuesday. A few games in the house, walks around the neighborhood, but I simply haven't had the time for anything more than that. Sunday I couldn't take her because I was training for the apocalypse. I can't make fire yet, but I'm close. And I... Continue Reading →

So very, very tired... Between planning a bike event this weekend, a board meeting and development committee meeting this week, four grant deadlines, a mass mailing, a minor mailing, and 990 filing prep, I'm stretched so freaking thin you can see through me. I'm terrified I'm going to drop one of the bazillion balls I... Continue Reading →

Up in the air

Rainbows. There are rainbows on my NaNoWriMo fundraising page. Such a big fuzzy warm thank you to the universe!! What an awesome way to wake up. In particular, to Rachael and My Fairy Godmother: THANK YOU! It actually drives me insane that I can't send you a sweet handwritten note, or even an email, so... Continue Reading →

Forget it.

I wrote a big long ranty post about stupiddy stupid head down in Florida. It was up for a night, then I deleted it. The last thing he needs is more attention, even from a teeny tiny blog with a readership of eight. Instead, I think I'll talk about feet. I like taking pictures of... Continue Reading →

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