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Training for the Apocalypse

September 27, 2010

Poor Boonie has not had a proper run since last Tuesday. A few games in the house, walks around the neighborhood, but I simply haven’t had the time for anything more than that.

Sunday I couldn’t take her because I was training for the apocalypse. I can’t make fire yet, but I’m close. And I can make a kickin’ debris shelter. I wanna sign up for traps and snares next. Or make-your-own bow and arrows class.


But that was just one day of fun. The rest of the time I’ve been trying to cope with miniature disasters at work. I’m not sure what deity I offended, or where the mirror I broke is hiding, but I did something to royally piss off someone upstairs. In the past week I’ve had to deal with lost emails and missed deadlines, smashed doors on borrowed vans, car break-ins, and a 1500 piece mailing that now can’t go out at all because the law changed recently.

Actually, maybe 1500 is just an unlucky number for me. This Saturday, we discovered that we’d accidentally booked the same route and date and time as an MS ride with 1500 participants. Making the windy Hwy 1 roads really, really NOT fun to drive a SAG wagon on.
Bike riderEveryone had fun, though, regardless of the crowds and the 100 degree heat and the grueling hills. See?

This was snapped at the very end of the day, after this dude had ridden nearly 80 miles. And he’s still smiling! So I guess it was a success after all. And I’m sure I’ll be convinced of that when I can take a second to breathe and reflect. So sometime in December.

I think I’m a survivor. I’m reasonably sure of it. I can fight dirty if I have to, and while I may not have a wealth of skills to pull on come judgement day, I’ve got a few, and I’m gaining more all the time. Plus, I can innovate. I’ll be just fine.

In the meantime, can someone please come up with a survival class for mini, urban disasters? A way to minimize the impact of all the thousand things that can go wrong, and a way to preserve your brain when Murphy screws you and they do all go wrong? That’s a workshop I would be happy to pay for.

Aw. Boonie is sleeping next to me, and her dream feet are running up my arm. Okay, cuteness for the save. Thank god for dogs.

Also, they make for good eating when the food runs out, after the solar flares have caused massive chaos and the grocery trucks aren’t running anymore.

M and dogs at Stern grove
Sizing up the heads for the stew pot.

September 23, 2010

So very, very tired… Between planning a bike event this weekend, a board meeting and development committee meeting this week, four grant deadlines, a mass mailing, a minor mailing, and 990 filing prep, I’m stretched so freaking thin you can see through me. I’m terrified I’m going to drop one of the bazillion balls I have up in the air.

The worst thing is that when I wake up at 6:30, after having gotten home late and in bed even later, my mind immediately goes to listing what I need to do today, and it’s physically impossible to get back to sleep. Yesterday I tricked it by watching Ponyo. Severance did the trick, the day before that. Today I’m not even going to try. Just a quick blog post, then I’ll be off to the packaging store for mailing supplies, Sports Basement to drop off a Regatta flyer and pick up energy bars for the ride, and then on in to work. Unless, of course, I hear from the embroiderers, then I should stop by there and pick up the schwag, and that’s right by the commercial mail post office…

In the interest of sanity, here’s a picture of my upside down dog:

upside down dog

Also in the interest of sanity, I’m going to go finish watching Severance now. This may be a new comfort movie. Don’t judge me.

Up in the air

September 16, 2010

Rainbows. There are rainbows on my NaNoWriMo fundraising page.

Such a big fuzzy warm thank you to the universe!! What an awesome way to wake up.

In particular, to Rachael and My Fairy Godmother: THANK YOU! It actually drives me insane that I can’t send you a sweet handwritten note, or even an email, so I just have to make a public thank you. Your awesomeness cannot be denied. We deeply appreciate your support, through us, for the Office of Letters and Light.

And I’m not sure if you noticed (because really, I don’t blame you if you couldn’t get past that picture and just hit “DONATE NOW” immediately), but there was bribery on that page. I do believe you are entitled to a handknit pair of socks. I’m not as skilled as my sister, but I could still manage a cozy, comfy pair of socks. Write me at bethanyherron at hotmail if you would like to let me show my love!

And for the rest of you, there’s bribery over there! Yes, there’s rainbows and nice full meters as well, but just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean you can’t still support the Office of Letters and Light. And get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from me, too.


Also, fireworks! Rainbows and fireworks! I’m blissful. Also, check out a few photos from previous year’s Nights of Writing Dangerously:

Forget it.

September 10, 2010

I wrote a big long ranty post about stupiddy stupid head down in Florida. It was up for a night, then I deleted it. The last thing he needs is more attention, even from a teeny tiny blog with a readership of eight.

Instead, I think I’ll talk about feet.
Momma feet and baby feet

I like taking pictures of feet. I’m not totally sure why. Before I started sticking my pink spotted toy cat into all of my travel snaps, I used to make sure my toes were in there somewhere. I have a big blow-up of a photo from Hot Water Beach in New Zealand, with my toes sticking out of the sand hot tub I had dug for myself, with the waves crashing against the beach beyond.

I still love feet…
Coffee and doughnut in lap, with Chuck-clad foot in background

dog licking sneaker clad feet

… but I don’t think it’s a fetishy type thing. I just like the way they add a human element to a landscape or still life, and the way they can frame things.

legs dangling from the sky, framing the clocktower at SF Ferry Building

Really, not a fetishy thing at all…

closeup on leg of halloween costume of roller derby grrrl

… but now I love shoes, too. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if I always just wanted to take pictures of shoes, and feet and legs just kinda came with the package. Place them in a landscape and they add a human element without having anything human in the shot. It’s kinda fun.

Shoes in front of a row of graves

Although fun may be the wrong word to illustrate this photo.

Anyway, I like feet. What about you? What keeps popping up in your photos, or in your writing? Anything slightly more prevalent in your art than in reality? Redheads? Bicycle wheels? Colt rifles? Ears?