American Gods Shrine

The winner of my Kickstarter giveaway requested a shrine be placed near House on the Rock, and I was in full agreement. I started scanning the countryside an hour away, and while I'd seen a few possibilities, I was a bit worried. Farms came right up to the road; finding a spot where it wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Traveling Companion

If you were with me on the first trip, dear readers, you may remember Stripes. He found me at my first gas station on the trip, and was a faithful companion. Even when I was less careful with him, he stuck by me. Well, he's old now. So old, that he appears to be hiding... Continue Reading →

Cementing your words

I was chatting with someone who still uses a typewriter, and I asked him what the appeal was. He answered that it was the physicality of it, the way a typewriter stamped out the words and cemented them into the real world. I don't get it. I have a typewriter, I love the way it... Continue Reading →

The En

I am truly awful at finishing. It's not that my stories get lost and wander out of control, with no idea of how to bring them home. Except for one sad attempt at a mystery that turned into a ghost story and wandered off into the heavens, I can generally see the end, and the... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Boonie says Merry Christmas. We had a nice day yesterday, and a nice drink with the sisters, and are looking forward to a wonderful dinner and romp with Buster this afternoon. I forgot to take pictures of most of my crafts this year, but I did snap a pic of the embroidery I did for... Continue Reading →

In the tub, part deux

I've decided to change the subtitle of this blog. "Bethany's Ramblings Part II" does not really fit anymore; while I started as a travel bloggess, I've done precious little traveling since then. Instead, I find myself procrastinating in new and interesting ways. I avoid writing by making little odd things; I avoid craft by wandering... Continue Reading →

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