What Next

Since June 21, this update has been sitting in my drafts. No content, just a title: What Next. What next, indeed. I stopped blogging a little over halfway through my trip, from a head-clouding mix of confusion, stubbornness, and shame (plus a few exciting life changes, for good measure). See, I had a vision, once.... Continue Reading →

Finding my way to Agloe

I was wandering my way to the coast the day before yesterday, killing time before an appointment in Margate, New Jersey. Somewhere in Delaware, I took a wrong turn. I wasn't in a big rush, and geocaching.com showed a big interesting line of caches up ahead, so I went with it. Do you ever run into... Continue Reading →


I don’t know what comes next. I really don’t. I’m not finding the unity that I sought, though I’m meeting and chatting with some amazing people. A ton of amazing people, but let’s focus on the pre-arranged interviews. Each of these folks will get their time in the sun when I edit the awesome audio... Continue Reading →


I sit writing this in a pavilion on a pond, the mist wafting up from the water as the sun threatens to rise behind me. Peacocks are calling, bullfrogs are letting me know they're around, mosquitos are.... I sit writing this from my comfortable room overlooking said pavilion. I spent last night with the ISKCON... Continue Reading →

Hurry up and slow down

A road sign pointed the way to America this morning; naturally, I followed where it pointed. It led me through towering Illinois cornfields, and past a few houses, some very well decorated, to a dead end. "I missed America," I said. "Well, that metaphor sucks." Let's back up a couple of days. I had the... Continue Reading →

American Gods Shrine

The winner of my Kickstarter giveaway requested a shrine be placed near House on the Rock, and I was in full agreement. I started scanning the countryside an hour away, and while I'd seen a few possibilities, I was a bit worried. Farms came right up to the road; finding a spot where it wouldn't... Continue Reading →

How I ride

A lot of these rules have been getting bent as I race towards interviews, but here's my platonic ideal of travel. Greet every animal. They at least get a "Hi, deer!" Sometimes I go full on Marky Mark Talks to Animals on them. "Hey, bear! How's it going? Your fur's looking great today. Say hi... Continue Reading →

Storm’s Edge

I've taken this photo a dozen times in the last three days... I'm starting to think someone's trying to tell me something. Every time I pause, the storm catches up with me. Every time I think I outrun it, my road curves left and there it is waiting for me. Today, faced with a relatively... Continue Reading →


I have three separate blog posts at some level of composition, and I can't finish any of them. My head is too muddied, my nerves too jangling. And I think I just decided to abandon this beautiful little town and drive into the dark a bit... Tonight, it's because I flubbed an interview setup. Thought... Continue Reading →

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