On the latter road

I'm not a poetry gal. Really, really not. I had a mild upswell of interest when I discovered prose poetry, but that didn't last long. For the most part, I dislike trying to write it, hate reading it, and often feel a gag reflex initiating when trying to listen to it in public. I do... Continue Reading →

In a familiar, grumpy place

What is it about home that makes you want to morph into an axe murderer? On a side note, we had a wonderful Father's Day dinner at an excellent Italian restaurant in SLO, where Christy and I both independently decided that the waiter was a psycho killer. She wondered if he was a murderer or... Continue Reading →

Wandering lost in the desert

Ah, motivation. My old nemesis. Where the heck are you? I'll tell you where you're not. You're not in the bathtub, with the bubbles and the sweet smells. Inspiration can often be found there, relaxation, definitely, but motivation? Nope. You're not in that great, beautiful city outside my window. There's fabulous pub-quizzes, fascinating rambly walks,... Continue Reading →

In my family’s entrepreneurial past

Actually, before I start this post, I have to admit that I'm rather proud I spelled entrepreneurial correctly on the first try. Take that, spell-checker generation! So. What was I saying? I was feeling a fondness for the many businesses my father started throughout my childhood. 1. Grantswriter.com: Dad was super-stoked he jumped on this... Continue Reading →

In preparation, on a foggy summer morning

In the interest of research and gettin' ready for a summer more filled with dresses than I've ever seen (apparently getting older means I like skirts! Who knew! They're even easier to slip on absentmindedly than jeans! I have 2 new short sundresses, and 3 short skirts! Someone hold me back!), I've been testing various... Continue Reading →

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