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In the corner of your eye

October 26, 2009

I’d forgotten how annoying taking photos is. I had the whole ‘why haven’t I been doing this’ conversation with myself, and I resolved to take my camera out with me more.

Oh yeah. It’s hard.

I’m not saying it’s hard to take a photo. Snap, you’re done. That’s kinda easy. It’s even kinda easy, especially with modern technology, to get a fairly accurate representation of what you’re photographing. It is, however, very hard to catch that moment that you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye.

You know, that little flicker, that was gone before you turned your head, but that made you do a little gasp, or a sigh, or whatever breathy exhalation you felt like making. I keep missing those shots. Today, in desperation, I tried taking pics from a moving car, slamming on the brakes (safely) and jumping out quickly, and each time, was left with a photo that was a perfect representation of what was there, but not of what I thought was there.

I guess photography is not the best art for a person who likes to see things that aren’t there. I should really learn to paint. Eh. I’ll just go try to learn some Photoshop techniques.

C’s Backyard

October 17, 2009

BoonLovesCatPoop, originally uploaded by jujuwiz.

Boonie Loves Cat Poop.

Mission Bay

October 10, 2009

WhaleBoatTeam2, originally uploaded by jujuwiz.

Bay Bridge

October 7, 2009

Sometimes when I’m not writing, it’s your fault.

I had an epiphany a mild thought while on the Bay Bridge. I was in the Fastrak lane, watching everyone go zooming by me on every side. I knew precisely why I was going so slow, but I refused, on general principle, to do anything about it. See, when the lanes were designed, they designated 2 lanes to run for ages, and each lane splits to 3 just before the toll plaza. Then, because they were wishy-washy, or caved to confused tourists, or something, they decided that the right Fastrak lane would actually split into 3 lanes that, on any given day, one can actually pay cash at.

The end result is not, I think, what was intended. Now the right lane still splits into 3 Fastrak lanes, but only because everyone in that lane decides to break left, over the line dividers, instead of splitting neatly into their 3 provided lanes. And the left lane does not split at all, unless you are forceful about it, and even then, it gets you nothing ’cause no one else is being forceful about it for some fucked up pacifist reason.

I tried being forceful. It only made me ragey and got me flipped off a few times (really, was I in the wrong there? I don’t think so). Now I move with the herd, letting lines, solid or dashed, be damned. My only little rebellion is actually an anti-rebellion: I refuse to cross the line myself. I’ll sit in that one damned slow-as-a-turtle lane listening happily to my podcasts until I get there, letting the world cut in front of me.

I’m not sure that this is really working as a metaphor for writing, but what the hell. Mostly I wanted to vent in a happy, non-road-ragey way.

Let’s give it a shot, though. Sometimes I go with the herd. I play games, hit pub trivia and happy hour, go to movies, watch Glee, arrange doggy play-dates, and just generally say yes to everything (Incidentally, how did Yes Man ever get written? When did he find the time? I guess he didn’t, until he started saying no). Then sometimes I’m forceful, and I lock myself in to write. And sometimes I rebel, and write while sitting in a pub in North Beach with my friends.

Of course sometimes when I am writing, it’s your fault too. Specifically yours, Chris Baty. Woo hoo, it’s almost NaNoWriMo time! I’m happy to follow that herd.

Mission Bay, Howl-o-ween

October 4, 2009

BoonieHalloween09_2, originally uploaded by jujuwiz.

Sometimes, when I’m not writing, it’s my camera that has my attention (I totally wrote focus there three times and deleted it three times). This might turn into a bit more of a photo blog, since that’s how I seem to be speaking at the moment.


October 2, 2009

Recently, this is what I’ve been writing instead of Writing:



Since February, I’ve been a bit puzzle-mad. My awesome ex-roommate Katy threw me a treasure hunt, and since then I’ve been seeking out all the urban, outdoor, puzzling opportunities I can find. There’s something in the Bay Area called BANG (also DASH, Shinteki, and more, but I’m trying to start slow), Bay Area Night Games. These happen approximately every month, at new locations each time, and they’re 8+ hours of insane puzzling mayhem.

Each game has roughly 12 or 15 rounds, combining logic puzzles, audio clues, site-specific clues, cryptography, crossword puzzles, trivia, and pretty much anything else you can think of. DNA helixes and tongue depressors seem to be hot. Each round, when puzzled out, leads you to the next location, so you end up racing around a city like a mad scientist, clipboard in hand.

It’s so fun. And pretty freaking hard, but that’s just part of the fun. The puzzle that has been kicking my ass the hardest is the cryptic crossword. I’ve seen them before, but I never understood them. They look like regular crosswords, until you realize that the clues seem to be fucked up in some way, often resulting in what looks like gibberish.

I should rock these. I’m a puzzle girl, I’m an writing girl… Maybe it’s just because they’re new. I haven’t spent enough time practicing, figuring out their tricks and nuances.

So. That’s why I’m not writing right now. I’ve added yet another time-intensive hobby to my already impressive list. Oh, and Christmas is coming up, so the knitting needs to get broken out. Plus I wanted to knit/sew my own Halloween costume. Hmmm. I need a Time-Turner™.