(From yesterday, Friday morning, when I was writing w/out wireless) My favorite elderly man is sitting behind me again. He was here longer than I was on my last visit, and I was here for 3+ hours. He just wandered out the door on his cane, moving slowly down Columbus in his suit and newsboy... Continue Reading →


Argh. That deadline is not going to be made. I simply don't want to write this anymore. My great idea seems so tired now, and I'm sitting here in the cafe wondering where the hell I am going, not having written a single word on it. I can't even find it in myself to write... Continue Reading →


I had the best of intentions tonight. It was a stunningly sunny day, with the fog just over the next hill blowing a cool breeze into me as I reclined on top of the ferry on my way home. Inspiring. But then I got home, and the dogs needed walking, and then I was stinky... Continue Reading →


I have an idea. I have a deadline. I have a character that I like. I ... have to go look over here at something shiny now. Avoiding writing is something that comes as easily as breathing. Especially since the advent of Hulu. Damn you, TV on my computer! I remember way back when, someone... Continue Reading →


So now I'm not writing at all, I'm looking at Garfield minus Garfield. An excellent way to not write.


From last night: May 13, 2009 I actually am inspired to write tonight, but this was too much of an opportunity to let pass. I’m writing at Spec’s, with Jeff, and, as usual here, the most amazing table is sitting next to us. I wish the whole damn bar would shut up so I could... Continue Reading →


Out with my sister, today, at her coffeshop in San Leandro. Good coffee, crowded, but comfy, not bad music. Comfy feeling overall. Not so with me. I'm feeling like I'm playing hooky, ditching a staff meeting while I wait for someone to look at my car. And I'm too stressed out to want to write.... Continue Reading →


Today I am sitting in Café Puccini, the best café in North Beach. Luckily, they open early. For some absurd reason I decided to get up ridiculously early and make a long day even longer. I left at 6, thinking I’d get here at 7 and have a couple plus hours to edit. I actually... Continue Reading →

Just a little intro

This is what I called "Writing Journal" on my laptop. It's the stuff that I have to get out of me before I can buckle down and write what I want to write, or what I need to finish, or edit. It's procrastination, in a pure and simple blathering form.

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