Comfort Movies

I'm not sure if I believe in comfort food. There is food that makes me nostalgic, or makes me feel young again, but it never truly comforts me. I do believe in comfort movies. The movies that you play almost automatically when you're really, truly sick as a dog; or when you just can't face... Continue Reading →

In a state of terror and excitement

Oh my gosh. I clicked send. I have officially tendered my official notice to my landlord. And tomorrow, I officially sign a lease on a new San Francisco apartment. I'm happy. Really. Okay, no I'm not. But I will be tomorrow, I swear! Once I sign the lease and make that jump, I'll be just... Continue Reading →

In List-ville

Things I heartily approve of Back roads and blue highways Fog Unofficial 'off-leash' dog beaches People respectful of strangers Writers Outsider art found in odd roadside nooks Free wilderness campsites Defying limitations others set on you Broccoli. It's just tasty, and pretty. Even the word is pretty. Old, re-purposed industrial buildings Getting lost Things I... Continue Reading →

In awkward places

This weekend was a consciously active one for me, in the interest of being social, and artistic, and doing fun stuff. Last night I went to WAM's I<3SF Visual Treasure Hunt after-party. I had tried to round up a few people, but no one could make it, and I was kinda excited about being forced... Continue Reading →

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