Rachael made an aside about her mounds of animals, and it reminded me of a moment at her last party. She'd locked all the animals in the bedroom, except for Adah (who had been hiding). When found, I offered to help Rach put the last cat away. I opened the door, knowing FULL WELL that... Continue Reading →


I just opened a window on my browser, tabbed over to the google search bar, then... nothing. In the amount of time it took me to make those two actions, I'd forgotten what I was wanting to look for. So I came here instead. It's just that kind of day. What was I saying? I've... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Boonie says Merry Christmas. We had a nice day yesterday, and a nice drink with the sisters, and are looking forward to a wonderful dinner and romp with Buster this afternoon. I forgot to take pictures of most of my crafts this year, but I did snap a pic of the embroidery I did for... Continue Reading →

So very, very tired... Between planning a bike event this weekend, a board meeting and development committee meeting this week, four grant deadlines, a mass mailing, a minor mailing, and 990 filing prep, I'm stretched so freaking thin you can see through me. I'm terrified I'm going to drop one of the bazillion balls I... Continue Reading →

A completely fictional… ah, forget it.

Dude, I could be funny here. If the internets weren't so goshdarned... public, I could be hella funny. I could let loose with a string of ridiculous parodies that would make your head spin. Except... the public thing. What happens on the internet does not in fact stay on the internet. Or it does, but... Continue Reading →

It’s Friday…

... I ain't got shit to do... guess I'll post something! Except it's past midnight, so I guess it's technically Saturday. And I just stopped stuffing envelopes for my job ("Make a Ripple - Make a Difference" - y'all should come, June 10th!), so I guess technically I do have shit to do. And a... Continue Reading →

Flat on my belly in the mud

I am bluuuuuue. And yes, you can say that with a lyrical LeAnn Rimes yodel in your voice. It's appropriate. This is arguably the worst day I've had, in the worst week I've had, in the worst month I've had, in what hasn't been too hot a year. An overdue mailing gave me a papercut... Continue Reading →

Mission Bay, Howl-o-ween

BoonieHalloween09_2, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Sometimes, when I'm not writing, it's my camera that has my attention (I totally wrote focus there three times and deleted it three times). This might turn into a bit more of a photo blog, since that's how I seem to be speaking at the moment.

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