In an undecided state of mind

Today at work I was bonding with another coworker over our prejudicial minds. We both have a habit of hating a movie, purely because everyone else LOVED it, and has told us 5,003 times how much we are gonna LOVE it. My example was The English Patient; his was Swingers. Both fine, perhaps even excellent... Continue Reading →

Say it again, a little bit quieter and a little bit milder

Well, today marks the end of the I ❤ SF contest. And, who wouldda guessed it, I got sick. The only photos I took were shot half-heartedly at best, while I either had a fever, a deep desire to be in bed, or a hacking cough. Huzzah. I'm entering them anyway. And I did get... Continue Reading →

Torn between two sides

I'm so excited! Tonight marks the beginning of WAM's I ❤ SF Visual Treasure Hunt! They seem like a new(ish) group with a very sketchy (in the 'bare bones' meaning of the word, mostly) .org website, but I think this is an awesome idea. I can't wait to get out there and start shooting purposefully.... Continue Reading →

Wandering the past

I may be late to the party, but I think this is a fabulous idea. Dear 20-something Bethany, Hey. What's up? So, I guess I'm supposed to tell you what to do, or to not do, or offer sage advice or something. Guess what? I'm still clueless! I'm still bouncing around - though I have... Continue Reading →

Amnesty Day

I've decided there should be an Amnesty Day for friends. Not because of any one thing or person (in case some thing or person is reading this blog post going, "wait, is this for me?"), but simply because it occurs to me that this would be a nice thing. It's something I would personally appreciate.... Continue Reading →

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