Falling Leaves

I grew up in bookstores. When I was eight, my family moved back to the States after a couple years on a typhoon-ridden island1.  Back in California, with its lovely beaches and high cost of living, my mom had to get a job to help us make ends meet. Enter Books West, the only new... Continue Reading →

On the back roads of yesteryear

I should be writing. Writing things other than this blog. Really, really should. I can't tell you how far I am in the hole, word-debt-wise. But hey, that's why this blog started, right? This is what I write when I'm not Writing. Yesterday, while I was not Writing, I found myself uploading all of my... Continue Reading →

In a lonely graveyard

I was walking through Mountain View cemetery yesterday, wishing there was some kind of camera that I could use to take a snapshot of a sound. Oh. Wait. I guess a voice recorder does that. Okay, I wish that I had quick and easy access to it, like the phone on my camera. Oh. Wait.... Continue Reading →

Saipan, 1985

I have a boonie dog, a dog I affectionately named Boonie. I'm not real inventive sometimes. I spotted her at a dog adoption fair in Alamo Square years ago, and kinda froze. She looked JUST like the dogs from my childhood. The ones that ran out of the jungle, the boonies, from time to time,... Continue Reading →

Home, distracted

I just found an old piece of graph paper that I found in 2004 in the first rest-stop in Florida, just across the Georgia border. I should really scan it, but for now, a transcription. _____________________________________________ Delaware - 10:26. Rolling Stones is the ultimate Gonzo Allyallie. 11:something AM, SomeWhere in America. Waltzing for Zizi little... Continue Reading →

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