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Pin-up Boys

April 7, 2012

It’s happening. I am going to publish a pin-up boys magazine: Boys & Wheels. Spinning wheels, that is. Beautiful men, posed seductively next to sexy spinning wheels.

The whole idea came from a Dark Roasted Blend post, Girls & Trucks. Also loosely inspired by this flickr set that I loved from first sight, and by my long-standing desire to get a male version of Freight Train Jane tattooed on my back (and hey, if any artists out there can make that happen, text me). Yes, I really, really want to objectify men, and I think this is a lovely way to do it.

It was the absurdity and contrast of that Girls & Trucks set that really got me thinking. I couldn’t come up with a really good, massive, female item to take the place of the truck… but the thought of a manly, shirtless dude in work boots standing in a provocative pose next to an Ashford wheel made me snort the loudest.

As I thought more about it, I decided I really, really wanted that photo, and more. Since no one else was likely to make that calendar, I decided it was up to me. So this is a selfish project; if anyone else wants one, cool, but really, this is for my bedroom. Just as all the best things are.

But I need your help. I’ll kickstarter this when things get going, to see if anyone else wants that calendar in THEIR bedroom, but first I need the models. I’m sure I can get the wheels (although if anyone has access to a mega-industrial loom or knitting machine, hit me up), but while I do have enough handsome male friends to fill a calendar, I think maybe two of them would be willing. I can resort to bribes and threats (I have some good tidbits of knowledge they wouldn’t like being revealed) but I’d rather have happy and willing models.

Are you a gentleman confident enough in your own skin to be my pin-up boy? Is your brother/father/lover said gentleman? Can you bribe and threaten them to help me out? (It’s okay if it’s not me doing the threatening.) Dudes must be within a 100 mile range of San Francisco. Also, even though it’s called Boys & Wheels, I prefer older gentlemen (like 25 and up. Or 22, you know, if he’s really mature). I’m going to be taking these pictures, and I don’t want to feel like a dirty old lady.

Help me make it happen! bethanyherron at hotmail dot com.


Seriously, can't you see a gentleman in perfectly pressed slacks stretched out on the grass languorously, the shadow of the wheel falling on his perfect six-pack? Photo from knittsings

How to Knit a Heart Back Home

March 1, 2011

Woot! Sighting of @RachaelHerron’s new book!, originally uploaded by jujuwiz.

Yay! The wonderful Rachael Herron (who just happens to share a last name with me, didja know?) has a new book out as of today! That’s it, front and center, with a big red yarny heart popping out of a white cover. Dang if I don’t love the cover change now. First cover was GORGEOUS, with R’s sweaters in a staged photo, cute and playful, and of-a-kind with her first book.

But it didn’t pop. That sucker pops. Yay, yay, yay!

Up in the air

September 16, 2010

Rainbows. There are rainbows on my NaNoWriMo fundraising page.

Such a big fuzzy warm thank you to the universe!! What an awesome way to wake up.

In particular, to Rachael and My Fairy Godmother: THANK YOU! It actually drives me insane that I can’t send you a sweet handwritten note, or even an email, so I just have to make a public thank you. Your awesomeness cannot be denied. We deeply appreciate your support, through us, for the Office of Letters and Light.

And I’m not sure if you noticed (because really, I don’t blame you if you couldn’t get past that picture and just hit “DONATE NOW” immediately), but there was bribery on that page. I do believe you are entitled to a handknit pair of socks. I’m not as skilled as my sister, but I could still manage a cozy, comfy pair of socks. Write me at bethanyherron at hotmail if you would like to let me show my love!

And for the rest of you, there’s bribery over there! Yes, there’s rainbows and nice full meters as well, but just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean you can’t still support the Office of Letters and Light. And get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from me, too.


Also, fireworks! Rainbows and fireworks! I’m blissful. Also, check out a few photos from previous year’s Nights of Writing Dangerously:

Ex-cuuse me, hip knitters?

April 1, 2010

Okay, the prosecco is kicking in. I felt bubbly and happy, and I was cruising through Twist Collective’s new issue, drooling over several patterns (Timpani, I’m coming for you, I swear).

Then I ran into this.

Are they serious? There’s no tongue-in-cheek thing going on here? I know Twist is not Bust or anything, but I thought it was a little hipper than to put in a big ol’ side panel of generalizations. Almost all of which I fail, making me feel like maybe I shouldn’t be reading them, if I am, apparently, such a piss-poor knitter (who am I kidding, I haven’t finished a scarf in a year, I’m not finishing that gorgeous jacket) AND a piss-poor female.

Women love to impress, stand out in a crowd.

Um… no. I don’t even blog for notoriety;  my best friends have called me screaming because I hid this blog from them for many, many months.

Women love to shop and are looking for what’s in style today.

Again, that doesn’t put me in with these “women.” I have been known to suffer “shopper’s overload,” a syndrome that basically means I leave full carts in the middle of aisles as I run screaming for the exit, in malls, Ikeas, K-Marts, whatever. I have a critical breaking point in regards to shopping. As for what’s in style today… I still bemoan the fact that the PERFECT pair of jeans that fit me like they used my hips for the model went out of production eight years ago. I’d sure as s*#t buy them today if they were still out there.

A woman will dress up for any occasion.

I realized last week that the jeans I wore to work, and for cocktails afterwards, were so old that they had a hole in the crotch. I could be wrong, since I’m apparently from a different planet as this author, but I don’t think that’s dressing up.

Women wear socks below their ankles with fuzzy balls on them.

This is the one that truly enraged me. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have a THING about socks. It’s kind of an obsession. In fact, it’s the single shopping obsession that I can cop to. I have one full dresser drawer, overflowing with socks, broken into 4 sections: Halloween themed socks, knee and thigh-high socks (many of which have Halloween themes as well), hand-knit socks, and boring white athletic socks. I’ll let you guess which section is smallest.

Needless to say, not a single pair of those socks falls below the ankles or has fuzzy balls on them.

I’m not sure how that assumption offends me on a feminist level… More like on a sock connoisseur level.

Women know what colors go well together.

Well, okay. Maybe. Except for a certain seagull-ish lady I know who chooses to wear perfectly matching outfits every day rather than put together colors. We call her the the Monotone Queen.

Women will skip lunch to afford a new outfit.

I think my thighs are all the rebuttal (hey, and my butt too!) that I need to offer here.

Women like clothing to look cute.

Well, yeah. But I don’t stress if instead of “cute” I get “disturbing.” Or just “nondescript.”

So I got 1 1/2 out of 7. If anyone’s counting, that’s approximately 21%. Pretty firmly in the F area. Twist, what are you telling me? Am I not woman enough to read your magazine?

Edit April 2nd
In the cold, sober light of day, I should probably mention that I was giggling last night when I wrote all that, and that the article itself was a cute little bit talking about a book that I in no way mean to pan. I just resented the sidebar. In a giggly way.