(un)Peacefully at Home

As I do practically every day, I was whining to someone today about how lazy, unmotivated, and procrastinatey I have been feeling in regards to my writing. Since the beginning of the year (and if I'm going to Honest, probably a good bit further back than that), I've been slacking, big time. Part of it... Continue Reading →

Riot Rainbow Grrrls

I have a frighteningly huge collection of books I haven't read. There are reasons for all of them. First, there are the books that I rush through and read like crazy. These include: YA, regency romances, suspense, and fantasy mass-market paperbacks. The fun, easy, happy books. The ice cream. Yes, I read those first. Just... Continue Reading →

Et wah la

After a little googling, I've determined that there was a serious lack in the interwebs. As far as I can tell, no one was actually compiling some of the fabulous and ridiculous translation fails from voice recognition programs. Et wah la. VRPoetry was born. Someone had to do it. So send me your best Google... Continue Reading →

Saipan, 1985

I have a boonie dog, a dog I affectionately named Boonie. I'm not real inventive sometimes. I spotted her at a dog adoption fair in Alamo Square years ago, and kinda froze. She looked JUST like the dogs from my childhood. The ones that ran out of the jungle, the boonies, from time to time,... Continue Reading →

Over there!

Oy. As if I actually updated this thing enough to warrant it, I've been tempted into creating a new blog, a completely separate photo blog. I can't help it! WordPress keeps doing shiny and cool things... This duotone theme has the background changing color to complement your photo! How nifty is that? Anyway, so I'll... Continue Reading →

Speech Recognition Poetry Slam

Hey, it's me. I'm calling so late. I think, parts. I guess, i'll just keep an eye. And But I can't remember what happens when your Daddy to do. Gimme moves. I think it's better ad. Well, stupid, and okay. Hope you're doing. I'll grab a Mike that next recall right. Talk to you? Bye... Continue Reading →

Cable Car Museum, SF

LetMeIn, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Today, in remembrance of Emperor Norton and the day of his death, a slew of us donned funny hats and inspected the cable cars. It was a grand, grand day.

Somewhere in the new year…

I am heartily tired of everyone cheerily talking about how 2010 is already looking so much better than 2009!! : )   ; )  !!! emoticon, emoticon, etc.... Okay people, first of all, you've only had, like, a week. Not enough time for you to mess it up yet. And secondly, it's not been so cheery... Continue Reading →

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