I lied. I said I was going to blog every moment of this awesome Ireland trip I'm embarking on. I'm in London now, and I realize how that's never going to happen. Instead, y'all can wait until I get home and upload my photos. I'll prob'ly still be tweeting, but otherwise, radio silence for the... Continue Reading →

To Synopsize

I just like that word. Synopses. Synopsis. It's one of those words that looks more and more wrong the longer you stare at it. The actual item, however, gets more and more clear the longer I stare at it. Thank god it works that way. I've never used synopses to edit before, and I'm not... Continue Reading →

Life’s annoyances

Dude, I'm going to Ireland. Like, really soon. Like, next week! I can't wait! Aside from the regular tourist bits, I've been chatting with folks who either just returned, or lived there recently, and I've got some good little secret spots on my list now. A perfumery near the Burren that focuses on local aromas.... Continue Reading →

Road Zen

I love my commute, most days. I ride my bike down to the water, take the ferry over, and repeat at the end of the day with the added bonus of enjoying a beer in the sun on the top deck. Some days I have to drive, and if I can bring Boonie dog in... Continue Reading →

How to Knit a Heart Back Home

Woot! Sighting of @RachaelHerron's new book!, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Yay! The wonderful Rachael Herron (who just happens to share a last name with me, didja know?) has a new book out as of today! That's it, front and center, with a big red yarny heart popping out of a white cover. Dang if I... Continue Reading →

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