Collage me

Oh boy. I did not mean to waste that much time. However, I did get the one big project I had planned for this weekend checked off. I sorted, organized, uploaded, and re-ordered my photos. All of them. And I have a reediculous amount of them. I am left with the sad realization that I... Continue Reading →

And the craziness continues…

Stupid life. It keeps running on without me, and I'm getting a bit tired of it. Usually I get upset by the way the craziness interferes with my social life. You know; canceling pub quiz, falling behind in my apocalyptic book club, letting that Netflix disc of West Wing languish in the corner. It's rare... Continue Reading →

Cozy at home

I've rather lost the thread on this blog. I originally started it not to document my procrastination techniques, but to trick myself into writing. I'd sit down at a cafe, notice the strange folks and scenery around me, and open a new post. From there, it was fairly easy to open a word document and... Continue Reading →

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