About the Rambling Author

First of all, I’m writing a book about roadside America! Hear all about it!

What else… I wear dirty overalls and drive freight trains. I wear classy pumps and throw fundraisers for a non-profit arts organization. I wear yoga pants and write Horror, Speculative Fiction, and Travelogue/Memoir. I love having a lifestyle (and a closet) that seems to not agree with itself. I have a home base in Oakland/San Francisco, but I tend to wander…


2 thoughts on “About the Rambling Author

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  1. The crazy thing is you look EXACTLY like my mother- now here’s the thing my mother had a twin and they were separated at birth so I was wondering if maybe you are??? If you ever wanted to talk with her email me at artistarcticus@gmail.com

  2. Beth!
    Its been about 25 years. Im in the process of restoring my motorcycle that i used to drive in berkeley and i thought of you. Ive enjoyed your blog, always expexted you to be a wanderer. Id love to hear from you. Im still a chemist, and still riding that motorcycle.

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