Home, distracted

I just found an old piece of graph paper that I found in 2004 in the first rest-stop in Florida, just across the Georgia border. I should really scan it, but for now, a transcription. _____________________________________________ Delaware - 10:26. Rolling Stones is the ultimate Gonzo Allyallie. 11:something AM, SomeWhere in America. Waltzing for Zizi little... Continue Reading →

Home, sick.

Oh dear. "Last Opened: Jan 13, 2009." That's not good. Admittedly, I was working on several other writing projects, but still. This is the biggie. I feel sheepish.

Jumping Jack Flash

I'm taking a break from the best romantic suspense comedy featuring Whoopi Goldberg ever written. Seriously, what was it about the eighties that allowed them to try casting Whoopi and Jonathan Pryce as romantic leads? Or was it just Penny Marshall that was so badass? Either way, it makes for good strep throat sicky watching.... Continue Reading →


Why I'm not writing. 'Nuff said. There's too much cool stuff on the internet recently, and I have too little willpower. Sigh.

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