Dad the Hobo

IMG_7322, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Pops standing next to his Christmas present, a freshly painted mailbox with hobo marks on it, telling all the train hoppers out there that they're liable to get a good handout here. And maybe a beer.


Normally Not Always Right has freaking hilarious bits of customer idiocy. It's a pleasant little read, when you're feeling particularly frustrated or catty. But this just raised the bar. Personally, I think that customer was right. That was some powerful bad-assery there. I don't care if it was a show of dominance or not (though... Continue Reading →

Albany Bulb

I've been too busy recently to catch up on my procrastination. So while the end result is the same (novel remains unedited), I feel slightly more virtuous. Like today. Woke up early, made bourbon balls, took the dog to the beach, went shopping at Goodwill, Target, jewelry store, and Comic Relief, wielded hot-glue gun to... Continue Reading →

A lonely tree on Ivy Hill

ChristmasTree, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Normally a Christmas tree on the side of the road doesn't merit a second glance. But a fully decorated one, a full week before Christmas? That's just sad. But isn't the towaway zone festive? It's an urban Christmas.

Pinned to the mantle

My Yarnagogo sister came to me looking for my childhood "There's no Santa?" moment while she was writing her post over at Book Club Girl, and it kinda threw me for a bit. I gave her a short answer, but after reading hers and wiping a few tears away, I had to strain my pathetic... Continue Reading →

Flat on my belly in the mud

I am bluuuuuue. And yes, you can say that with a lyrical LeAnn Rimes yodel in your voice. It's appropriate. This is arguably the worst day I've had, in the worst week I've had, in the worst month I've had, in what hasn't been too hot a year. An overdue mailing gave me a papercut... Continue Reading →


According to Google Voice, what I said to my sister: "I know, it's that to me, just calling to see if you wanted to do drugs before I head off to work. I'm going to right. Give me a call if you're around in the book hi." What I actually said was much less interesting.... Continue Reading →

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