Happier at home

*sung to the tune of whatever’s in your head*

Days Off!
I have two beautiful days off!
It’s been sooooo long!

Now what shall I do…..

*end joyful singing*

Of course, I have 3 weeks worth of personal life that has been piling up that I should probably deal with. Laundry. A long doggy hike. Remembering I have friends and sisters. But more importantly, Halloween! I still don’t have my costume! So, so wrong!

That’s it, I’m inspired. I’m off to the dog park, followed by the Halloween store for a blond wig, followed by a thrift store stop for 80s clothes. Woot!

Then it’s back home to carve my pumpkin, put the finishing touches on the house decorations, and call myself ready for Halloween. I was researching advent wreathes today, apropos of nothing, but I decided that next year I’m going to create a Halloween advent wreath. With black twigs and candles with little bats on them.


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