In a crumbling castle, high atop a lonely mountain…

The gauntlet has been thrown.

And though I know the battle is already lost, because my favorite video is… well, just really bad, I still have to answer the call. So here you  go:

I know, it’s silly. But it has everything!

1. Ghouls and monsters in a decrepit castle

2. Cute boys in fabulous outfits

3. The never-tiresome “My tour bus broke down at night in Transylvania” plot device

4. Sets that I want to live in

5. Lyrics containing the phrase “Backstreet’s back, all right!” on what, I believe, was their first album. That’s some impressive confidence there. It takes balls to humbly present an encore before you’ve even taken the stage.

6. Completely ridiculous hip-hop dance sequence with dancers wearing renaissance garb.

That last item is totally the reason I own “A Knight’s Tale” too. It has nothing to do with Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, or Paul Bettany.

Actually, it’s part of my collection of teen movies that feature a completely random “spontaneous” choreographed dance scene in them. The one in “She’s All That” is a personal favorite, though there’s no dearth of options. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that’s what the kids dig. Who am I to argue?


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