Forget it.

I wrote a big long ranty post about stupiddy stupid head down in Florida. It was up for a night, then I deleted it. The last thing he needs is more attention, even from a teeny tiny blog with a readership of eight.

Instead, I think I’ll talk about feet.
Momma feet and baby feet

I like taking pictures of feet. I’m not totally sure why. Before I started sticking my pink spotted toy cat into all of my travel snaps, I used to make sure my toes were in there somewhere. I have a big blow-up of a photo from Hot Water Beach in New Zealand, with my toes sticking out of the sand hot tub I had dug for myself, with the waves crashing against the beach beyond.

I still love feet…
Coffee and doughnut in lap, with Chuck-clad foot in background

dog licking sneaker clad feet

… but I don’t think it’s a fetishy type thing. I just like the way they add a human element to a landscape or still life, and the way they can frame things.

legs dangling from the sky, framing the clocktower at SF Ferry Building

Really, not a fetishy thing at all…

closeup on leg of halloween costume of roller derby grrrl

… but now I love shoes, too. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if I always just wanted to take pictures of shoes, and feet and legs just kinda came with the package. Place them in a landscape and they add a human element without having anything human in the shot. It’s kinda fun.

Shoes in front of a row of graves

Although fun may be the wrong word to illustrate this photo.

Anyway, I like feet. What about you? What keeps popping up in your photos, or in your writing? Anything slightly more prevalent in your art than in reality? Redheads? Bicycle wheels? Colt rifles? Ears?


2 thoughts on “Forget it.

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  1. I remember all your old travel photos with toes in them. And the ones with the stuffed cat.
    Now I want to know who all these feet belong to. Except for the ones that are mine, of course.

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