Up in the air

Rainbows. There are rainbows on my NaNoWriMo fundraising page.

Such a big fuzzy warm thank you to the universe!! What an awesome way to wake up.

In particular, to Rachael and My Fairy Godmother: THANK YOU! It actually drives me insane that I can’t send you a sweet handwritten note, or even an email, so I just have to make a public thank you. Your awesomeness cannot be denied. We deeply appreciate your support, through us, for the Office of Letters and Light.

And I’m not sure if you noticed (because really, I don’t blame you if you couldn’t get past that picture and just hit “DONATE NOW” immediately), but there was bribery on that page. I do believe you are entitled to a handknit pair of socks. I’m not as skilled as my sister, but I could still manage a cozy, comfy pair of socks. Write me at bethanyherron at hotmail if you would like to let me show my love!

And for the rest of you, there’s bribery over there! Yes, there’s rainbows and nice full meters as well, but just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean you can’t still support the Office of Letters and Light. And get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from me, too.


Also, fireworks! Rainbows and fireworks! I’m blissful. Also, check out a few photos from previous year’s Nights of Writing Dangerously:


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