Party Down

I’m celebrating today. I cracked open some prosecco, and I’m celebrating.

I don’t actually have much to celebrate; I was monumentally lazy today, doing none of the fun ditching work things I planned, missing the St. Stupid’s Day Parade, and, even more heartbreaking, the “bring a can, get in free” day at ACT that I always truly love. I actually worked from home – how devoid of celebration-earning is that?

But. There was a bottle of prosecco in the fridge, and it needed cracking.

So… ta daa! I have a new website! Or a new business. Or something.

I’ve never fooled myself into thinking I’m a graphic designer, and I still don’t think that, but I do know my way around photoshop. A little bit. Enough that I apparently delighted my sister, and I started wondering if there were other new authors that might be delighted by a very cheap designer of promo materials.

We’ll see. It’s out there. I might even promote it a bit. But for now, it’s enough that it’s out there. I think it was one big procrastination device, but maybe it’ll make me a little money, and now I can go back to not-writing for free. Or maybe I’ll actually finish that story about the end of the world…

We’ll see. In the meantime, more prosecco, please.


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