It’s Friday…

… I ain’t got shit to do… guess I’ll post something!

Except it’s past midnight, so I guess it’s technically Saturday. And I just stopped stuffing envelopes for my job (“Make a Ripple – Make a Difference” – y’all should come, June 10th!), so I guess technically I do have shit to do. And a job. Oh well.

I was at the dog park early this morning, and no less than five people commented on what a cute dog I have. I can’t help it. She’s cute. It’s the ears, and the eyeliner. Anyway, I found myself wondering what the correct response to that is. Normally I say “Thank you,” but that seems kinda silly. “Thanks, she was pretty dog-ugly until I gussied her up. It’s all thanks to me, that cuteness.”

So what is a correct response?

“I know, right?”

“Sure, but wait until you get to know her.”

“Shit, don’t let her hear that. She’s already got a big head.”

“Yep, that’s why she ain’t been et’ yet.”

(by the way, I had a few martinis while I was stuffing envelopes. It makes the time flyyyyyy by.)


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  1. I have a friend who asked Miss Manners what to say when people complimented him on his cute dog – he was unsure because he felt he hadn’t actually done anything to make the dog cute, so he didn’t deserve the credit. She told him to say Thank You.
    She probably hadn’t heard the one about not being ‘et yet.

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