Lost on the interwebs

Woke up at 3:30. Tried in vain to distract my brain from work lists and jump back into dreamland for half an hour. Then I gave up. Thank you, StumbleUpon, for saving my brain, if not for granting me sleep.

Now it’s 6:30. Late enough to head into work and get cranking. One more day to our big event! After that, it’s only the normal crazy deadlines stressing me out. Plus my jury duty summons. Yay.

Still trying to find time to think about my halloween costume, though! Leaning towards the simple worker for our Metropolis theme on the 30th, but I have no ideas for the parties on the 29th or 31st. Musician… I think Tom Waits is already claimed by like 3 people, as is Bowie. I did Adam Ant a coupla years ago. Lucinda Williams? She’s not terribly iconic, but I bet I could pull it off. Maybe Patsy Cline. Ooo, yeah, or Connie Francis? Jack White?

Maybe I’ll wait to make this decision on more than 3 hours of sleep.


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