Halloween Proper

Jack O'Lantern

I’m going to work backwards. Tonight, I went to an awesome party with amazing costumes (including an Athena and a picnic table), but I had to cut it short because I was ravaged from the rest of my weekend. Before that, I finally managed to carve my pumpkins while watching the Giants whup some tail.

Earlier in the afternoon, Boonie donned her Supergirl outfit and we headed to Pt. Isabel for some costumed puppy fun. Again, cut it short, but there were awesome costumes. Best of the bunch was my sister’s pitbull Clemmy in a pink tutu.

I woke just before noon. Which was still not enough, since I’d been out until 2ish the night before at the Phenomenauts and Peelander-Z zombie party at the Command Center. Which I again, cut short, because I was wrecked from the Journey, and again, the costumes were amazing. Including a giant paperclip, Cthulhu, a marionette, and a narwhal.

Finally we get back to the reason I’m a broken, broken mess right now. Journey to the End of the Night.
us dressed up as the actors in MetropolisWe were all characters from Metropolis (not counting Jeff, who just went with the era). We were ready to get stealthy.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really need to. It was fun, but not as challenging as last year for some reason. Jeff and I eventually just gave up around checkpoint 4 (we were both idiotically trying to sprint in steel-toed boots), but we had to practically hand our Runner’s tags over to a chaser. They weren’t thick on the ground. I think next year I’ll volunteer to help stage it. Or to chase and terrify Runners. Yeah.



people in costume at the start of Journey
The crowd at Justin Herman Plaza before the starting pistol


There seemed to be a few less people than last year as well, maybe because of the threat of rain that never materialized. There were a few more structural changes that I didn’t love, but it was pretty dang smooth overall, with awesome people behind the scenes making the magic happen. And great costumes. The dude who was the house from Up wins my personal favorite prize.
girls dancingOh yeah, and the reason I was a little weak even before I got to the starting line? A fabulous Halloween party at my place, where the girls (dressed like Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing) stuck it out until 3, singing along to the entirety of Rocky Horror.

I am having a hard time even writing with energy today, which is a shame, because in approximately 12 minutes, NaNoWriMo officially kicks off. Oh man. Why can’t all this goodness be spread out throughout the year? I am one tired, happy lady. And so I shall bid you farewell. One more Buffy episode, and it’s off to bed for me.

Jack O'Lantern
Happy Halloween!




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