In List-ville

Things I heartily approve of
Back roads and blue highways
Unofficial ‘off-leash’ dog beaches
People respectful of strangers
Outsider art found in odd roadside nooks
Free wilderness campsites
Defying limitations others set on you
Broccoli. It’s just tasty, and pretty. Even the word is pretty.
Old, re-purposed industrial buildings
Getting lost

Things I heartily disapprove of
Interstate freeways
Excessive heat, dry or otherwise
Fenced in, small, urban ‘Dog Runs’
Pedestrians, bikers, or drivers that don’t respect the rules of the road
Generic ‘artistic’ types who don’t actually create anything
Flat, open, paved campgrounds
Listening to what your body’s telling you
Quinoa. The name makes it sound like it should be much tastier than it is.
Brand new Warehouse Lofts
Taking the same path, day after day


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