Slightly more decided, though more scattered as well

‘Kay, day 2 of Acupuncture. Much better. Not only was the actual experience better (perhaps because I switched from Chinese to Japanese acupuncture? or I’m just more used to it?), but my back felt soooo much better afterwords. I’m slipping back into slightly painful now, nearly 8 hours later, but for most of the day, I felt golden. And it still just feels stronger.

I will say a quick Huzzah for the Prop 8 overturning, and for that one lucky couple who managed to get their paperwork through before the stay was issued. I’ll say no more on the subject, since everyone else is saying it, and mostly saying it better than I could. Or at least more frequently.

Boonie lost three teeth yesterday. Not really lost; the vet had to take them out. I knew her breath had been getting worse, but I thought we’d scheduled the cleaning in time. Sigh. At this rate, she’ll be a toothless brat gumming the neighborhood kids within the next couple years.

I need a vacation. Truly, desperately. During last weeks slightly painful massage (acupuncture today confirmed; I do have visible bruises on my back) I kept trying to find a happy place. It was a windy, coastal road, heading north towards Alaska. In fact, that vision makes me smile right now, just thinking of it.

Have you noticed that I’m kinda scattered today? Nothing has cohesion right now. I just can’t pull anything together. My mind keeps zipping around from one place to the next. This is going to be a short paragraph, because I forgot what I was going to say just now, thinking about how soon I can clock out and go home to take a bath.

Bless you.

Whoops, that was a real life interjection. Yet somehow it fits. Real life keeps interjecting into everything. There’s a sunny mustard yellow wall next to me as I type this, and I’m having problems looking away. My eyes keep leaving the computer screen to stare unfocused at the wall.

Is this the acupuncture talking, or am I just tired and goofy? It was hours ago, so it seems odd that it would still be affecting me this way, but I’m definitely loopier than usual. It certainly seems like a good day to take off early. Or at least a good day to avoid blogging. Perhaps I should hold off on clicking that “publish” button…


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