Traveling Companion

If you were with me on the first trip, dear readers, you may remember Stripes.

He found me at my first gas station on the trip, and was a faithful companion.

Admiring Richard Simmons handprints at the Fargo Walk of Fame, ND

Even when I was less careful with him, he stuck by me.

Encountering a vicious wolf at ET Wickham’s statues in Palmyra, TN

Well, he’s old now. So old, that he appears to be hiding from me, the same way all cats do when you pull out the carrier… Hey, I can’t blame him. I’m older too. More jaded, a bit darker. Maybe a new companion is needed.

Hey, what’s this awesome box?


Meet Spot.

Boonie doesn’t quite know what to think.


So there you have it. My newest traveling companion.

(And in case you’re wondering, while I would LOVE to bring Boonie, she is a precious, precious flower who HATES the car. She shakes the entire time we’re in there, even if we’re going some place crazy fun, and has been known to vomit. So at home she will stay, and Spot will come with, he who, I can already tell, will be an adventurous daredevil and lover of tight turns on back roads.)

(Also btw, Spot has sisters!)


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