American Gods Shrine

The winner of my Kickstarter giveaway requested a shrine be placed near House on the Rock, and I was in full agreement. I started scanning the countryside an hour away, and while I’d seen a few possibilities, I was a bit worried. Farms came right up to the road; finding a spot where it wouldn’t get discovered and upset in routine weed maintenance was going to be tough.

Then, just a couple of miles away, a Scenic View parking area appeared. I pulled off — this was feeling right.

But where was the scenic view? From the parking lot, you can see nothing; you’re not even above the trees. A sign points down a pathway. At the end, you see a large rock and stone wall circle. From the rock, you have perfect view of the Infinity Room at House on the Rock.

a needle sharp building jutting out over the forest, miles away, surrounded by green trees
The Scenic View

Not bad.

But hey — what’s this? A path?



Wonder where it leads…


… and hey, what is this? Why, that looks like Buddy Christ.


shrine with a Buddy Christ doll, colored shells, twigs, and coins
Buddy Christ


This is another one in a fairly unobtrusive location, and it still could disappear very easily; I’ve got two more, and I’d love to cement at least one of them into a more obvious roadside location.

So hey… Got a highway or byway-adjacent property? Open to adding a bit of a roadside shrine to your property? I’ve got these cuties, still looking for homes… Ideally, I’d make them geocache locations as well, if you don’t mind strangers stopping from time to time.

Let me know! Seeking a good home, pretty much anywhere in the country! (But especially on the east coast or in the south.)


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