I have three separate blog posts at some level of composition, and I can’t finish any of them. My head is too muddied, my nerves too jangling. And I think I just decided to abandon this beautiful little town and drive into the dark a bit…

Tonight, it’s because I flubbed an interview setup. Thought he was in North Dakota — he’s in Wisconsin. Whoops.

But I also just did the math: based on when I’m supposed to be back in Cali, I have an average of 1.06 days in each state. One day. Per STATE.

That’s nuts. You can’t even see a town in one day. No wonder I’m freaking out. I just need to take a deep breath, remember that this is a very different road trip from the first one, that this one is pointed, particular, and not cry when things drop off.

OKAY. Deep breath. Tomorrow (as long as I can find wifi), you’ll hear about Little Fellow, crossing the Missouri, and the Corn Palace, plus much more.

cemetery next to an abandoned Catholic church on a reservation in Montana

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