I have an idea. I have a deadline. I have a character that I like. I … have to go look over here at something shiny now.

Avoiding writing is something that comes as easily as breathing. Especially since the advent of Hulu. Damn you, TV on my computer! I remember way back when, someone told me not to read in bed, because if you read in bed then your bed becomes purposed in your mind as being for things other than sleeping, and next thing you know, you’re an insomniac. Of course that never bothered me, as I can sleep anywhere, and, well, I like having a bed that is intended for… things other than sleeping.

Still, it stuck with me. I think of it every time I guiltily watch another episode of Supernatural online. Am I perverting and sidetracking my computer? Is it now purposed as an entertainment machine, and not a tool for writing?

Yes. And that ship has done sailed. The good news is that I can still use bodily force to shove it into the writing arena again. It just takes will-power. Of which I have precious little, and most of that is being used to stay away from the twin demons cigarettes and sugar.

Sigh. Well, can’t win unless you play. Back to shoving.


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