Argh. That deadline is not going to be made. I simply don’t want to write this anymore. My great idea seems so tired now, and I’m sitting here in the cafe wondering where the hell I am going, not having written a single word on it. I can’t even find it in myself to write this. All I want to do is read blog posts about how horrible “Hitched or Ditched” is, and what do you mean, you aren’t watching it?

How do you make the decision? I’m so used to ignoring my tiny, internal editor, and keepin’ on going despite the fact that I feel like I’m writing shit (thank you, NaNoWriMo). I am totally comfortable with writing shitty first drafts. But what do you do when there is still an overwhelming feeling that you have committed yourself to a future full of a big, steaming, pile of shit? Seriously, I don’t want to waste ungodly numbers of hours on this.

Gar. Urgh. Fine, I’ll try a little bit more. Until the end of this latte and sandwich.


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