I still live here

Blogging serves a very specific purpose for me. It’s my kickstart. Actually, it’s more like the running-pushing-a-VW-with-a-dead-ignition-switch-then-popping-the-clutch-start. It’s my way of avoiding the fear of the blank page. Before I moved it online, I had a document titled Writing Journal, and I’d open it at the same time I opened any WIP.

Because here, it doesn’t matter, right? I can warm up my rusty engines and spew out any old thing. After that, it’s remarkably easy to flip on over to the other page. Once the car’s moving down the street, inertia just keeps it moving.

All this explains why I’ve been a little quiet recently; I’m editing. Not writing. I mean, it’s still writing, kind of, but it’s different. Very, very different. Frighteningly different. And there’s no blank page to get over. Only my own crippling fears of being unable to slap enough bandaids on this puppy to hold it together. Anyone know a kickstart for that?

In the meantime, a meme. Thank you, Paperback Writer, for this creativity-inspiring distraction.

PBW started this: “if you’re looking for something to blog about, copy the video and the list, bold the items on the list that you’re already doing, cross off the ones that don’t work for you, and star the ones you’d like to try.”

Well, allrighty then:

1. Make lists.
2. Carry a notebook everywhere.
3. Try free writing. (I mean, that’s essentially what this blog is…)
4. Get away from the computer.
5. Quit beating yourself up.*
6. Take breaks.
7. Sing in the shower. (but how does belting Mika kickstart creativity?)
8. Drink coffee.
9. Listen to new music.
10. Be open.
11. Surround yourself with creative people.
12. Get feedback.
13. Collaborate.*
14. Don’t give up.*
15. Practice, practice, practice.*
16. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
17. Go somewhere new.
18. Count your blessings.
19. Get lots of rest.*
20. Take risks.*
21. Break the rules.
22. Don’t force it.
23. Read a page of the dictionary.
24. Create a framework.*
25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.
26. Got an idea? Write it down.*
27. Clean your workspace.
28. Have fun.
29. Finish something.******

Lotta bolds, so that’s good. I created a new category as well: the bold starred items are ones that I currently do, but need to constantly, repeatedly, incessantly, exhaustively, remind myself of.

And now I had to go watch that Mika video again. Singing in the shower might not kickstart anything, but that video certainly does. Definitely a guilty-pop-song-pleasure.


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  1. I *love* that Don’t force it doesn’t work for you. Me, neither. I gotta force it or things wouldn’t happen. Ever. Like, EVER. Great post.

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