To Synopsize

I just like that word. Synopses. Synopsis. It’s one of those words that looks more and more wrong the longer you stare at it.

The actual item, however, gets more and more clear the longer I stare at it. Thank god it works that way.

I’ve never used synopses to edit before, and I’m not quite sure why! I’m fixing everything! I currently have three versions of the same story; one old, janky, broken synopsis, one shiny, new, fixed synopsis, and one synopsis where I totally change the genre and several key plot points.

The first one I will keep, simply to laugh at. One of the other two will become the basis for the next re-write, and I can’t freaking wait. I’m finally wrestling this story that I love into submission. Soon, you all will love it as well.


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  1. Hi babe–you don’t have to write, but we can just to keep you connected to CA. Sort of an umbrellica cord with your homeland.

    By now you know that Ireland is green. It is mold. Everything is wet, and if you dry it, that only makes new rain patterns possible.

    Here, the rain went away! we went to summer, record hi in SLO, and now it is balmy spring.

    So have fun! Splash and listen to great pub music. Take it from me, after the second bar fight breaks out, it is time to go home.



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