Cozy at home

I’ve rather lost the thread on this blog. I originally started it not to document my procrastination techniques, but to trick myself into writing. I’d sit down at a cafe, notice the strange folks and scenery around me, and open a new post. From there, it was fairly easy to open a word document and jump on in.

Well, I’m taking it back. Unfortunately, I’m not writing anywhere interesting today. I’m at home, staring at my green leafy ikea curtains. Boonie is jumping from couch to couch, circling seven times, settling down with a sigh, then bounding up at the slightest sound and starting the process all over again. Monkey is sitting outside my roommate’s door, meowing loudly for some love. (Roommate was gone for the past two weeks. Monkey need love.) Nate is insisting on love from me. He’s actually sprawled across my chest as I write this, belly indecorously up in the air, purring loudly and insisting I pause for a rub every third sentence or so.

me, with kitty paws in my face
See? Kitty paws in my face.

Ah, animals. Certainly part of the reason it’s better to write at a cafe. That, and they bring you coffee. Although here, I have good coffee and fresh bread I made last night. Ok, snack break. Then, to writing.


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