Pickin’ it back up…

Right, November stank. Sorry NaNoWriMo, even your gloriousness (and you are glorious) could not improve the month. 12 hour days at work were the norm. Friends got broken, hit by cars, diagnosed with awfulness. Hospital visits were plentiful.

Today’s a brand new day. Okay, actually yesterday was, but I was too busy yesterday to post. I had to wake up crazy early, in order to carpool and get some stuff done at work before anyone came in to distract me, and I remembered something. I love mornings! Love ’em! I had forgotten, seduced by my warm bed and cuddling puppy. My mornings had fallen into a comfortable routine.

Today, I arose before dawn, without the help of my alarm clock. I was at the Port of Oakland before the sunrise. I sat on my car hood and snapped pictures, sipped coffee, and killed leftover cinnamon rolls. I can’t wait to get home and process the film. It was a wonderful start to the day, and reminded me that I’m never happy when I’m slothful. Even if I have to work until midnight tonight, it will still have been worth it to get that creative kick in the morning.

urban mill in Oakland


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