Torn between two sides

I’m so excited! Tonight marks the beginning of WAM’s I ❤ SF Visual Treasure Hunt! They seem like a new(ish) group with a very sketchy (in the ‘bare bones’ meaning of the word, mostly) .org website, but I think this is an awesome idea. I can’t wait to get out there and start shooting purposefully.

And yet, I’m torn. All of my favorite images have come from the East Bay recently.
building in West Oakland

I know I was born in Oakland, and I really, really like living in Oakland, it’s an awesome city, but I’ve never really considered myself OAKLAND, ya know? I’ve always said I’d move back to SF (right after the next big earthquake, when I can afford the rents on a non-profit salary), and I’ve kinda felt like I’ve been biding my time.

Time’s up. Looks like I’m heading back west. And now, of course, I’m sad. I’m already missing my sisters, and my gorgeous apartment, and the images that I’ll miss from Oakland.
community garden between Oakland and Emeryville

Because you know that Bay is a giant divide. Even being ridiculously purposeful about it, I will probably see my EB friends less. But you know what? I might hella like Oakland, but I ❤ San Francisco. And I can’t wait to get out there with my camera and remind myself of that.


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